Our Lash extension technique can assist in achieving an enhanced yet natural-looking appearance, whether you are new to eyelash extensions or desire a lovely, natural lash line with a little of drama.


     With the aid of our skilled lash extension staff, you can speed up your morning ritual and look from head to toe without having to rush.



SERVICE NAME                                      AED

Brows Lamination & Lash Lifting265
Eyelash Lifting180
Cluster Eyelashes Removal60
Eyelash Cluster Service Charge110
Eyelash Repair100
Full Set Cluster Eyelashes215
Full Set Individual Eyelashes425
Half Set Individual Eyelashes320
Individual Eyelashes Removal65
Lower Eyelid Eyelash160
One Line Fixing45
Refill Cluster Eyelashes120
Refill Individual Eyelashes265