With so much attention being lavished on hands and feet and given out a comprehensive range of choices. These treatments and therapies for hands, feet, and nails are among our most popular services.


SERVICE NAME                                                                          AED

Cut & File with Change Polish - Hand / Feet50
Cut & File with Gellish Polish - Hand / Feet90
Cut and File Hands or Feet20
Cut and File with color - Kids20
Change Gellish (SOG )30
Change Gellish (SOG ) diff colors40
Change polish diff colors10
French Manicure70
French Pedicure80
French Manicure & French Pedicure140
French Manicure and Pedicure for Kids70
French Manicure for Kids35
French Pedicure for Kids30
French Polish Feet + cut and file40
French Polish Hands + cut and file30
French Polish Hands and Feet for Kids40
French Polish Hands or Feet for Kids25
Normal Manicure70
Normal Pedicure80
Normal Manicure & Pedicure140
Normal Manicure for Kids35
Normal Pedicure for Kids40
Normal Manicure & Pedicure for Kids70
Normal Polish Feet + cut and file35
Normal Polish Hands + cut and file25
Normal Polish Hands and Feet +cut and file50
Normal Polish Hands or Feet for Kids15
Polish removal hand and Feet20
Polish Removal Hands or Feet10
Soak Off Gel Hands or Feet Application80
Soak Off Gel Removal Hands or Feet 30
Soak Off Gel Removal Per Nail10
Soak Off Gel repair per nail15
Soak off Gellish - Ombre150

SERVICE NAME                                                                               AED

Acrylic Overlay Hands or Feet250
Acrylic Refill of Hands or Feet280
Acrylic Removal Hands or Feet80
Acrylic Removal per nail10
Acrylic Repair per nail40
Acrylic Repair with Refill per nail15
Buff and Polish Hands or Feet100
Full Set of Acrylic Hands or Feet350
Full Set of Gel with Ombre Hands380
Full Set of Gel with Paper Form Hands or Feet350
Full Set of Gel with Tips Hands or Feet300
Full set Ombre Hand or Feet - with Removal450
Full set Paper Form Hand or Feet - with Removal400
Full set Tips Hand or Feet - with Removal360
Gel Refill of Feet230
Gel Refill of Hands245
Gel Refill of Ombre Hands280
Gel Refill Ombre Feet294
Gel Removal Hands or Feet80
Gel Removal per nail10
Gel Repair per nail35
Gel Top Base100
Holiday Set150
Holiday Set + Color Application170
Overlay of Gel Hands or Feet210
Overlay of Gel Ombre Hands280

SERVICE NAME                                                                           AED

Nail Art10-200
Special Foot Scrub Treatment110
Callus Scrub Treatment60
Normal Foot Scrub40
Paraffin Hands or Feet Treatment60