When you think of waxing, we can confidently tell you that there are no other salons where you can have a great feel of waxing in Dubai like at Beauty Connections Spa.


We pride ourselves in proffering the best body waxing in Dubai. Our therapists are highly skilled, efficient and have unique waxing techniques to give you the least-pain, quick and thorough waxing beyond your imagination. Our esteemed clients can testify that here at Beauty connections spa, we treat our clients like diamonds.


We offer various types of body waxing in Dubai, which include; 16 different flavors, our waxing services from Top to Toe are completely pain free, user friendly and hygienically excellent.

Our waxing services from Top to Toe is completely pain free, user friendly and hygienically economical.


SERVICE NAME                                                                          AED

Bikini Line Shama90
Full Bikini Shama Wax130
Under Arms Shama Wax50

SERVICE NAME                                                                          AED


Bikini Line Wax50
Butt Wax40
Chest Line Wax20
Chest Wax40
Full Arms Wax60
Full Back Wax60
Full Bikini Wax70
Full Body Wax325
Full Body wax with Bikini shama395
Full Body wax with Bikini shama & Under Arms Shama425
Full Front Wax70
Full Legs Wax70
Half Arms Wax35
Half Back Normal Wax40
Half Legs Wax50
Hand Wax20
Inside Butt Wax20
Lower Back Wax30
Nape Wax20
Nipple Wax15
Stomach Line Wax20
Stomach Wax40
Toes Wax20
Under Arms Wax30
Upper Back Wax40

SERVICE NAME                                                                          AED


Bikini Line Sugar Wax60
Butt Sugar Wax50
Chest Line Sugar Wax40
Chest Sugar Wax60
Full Arms Sugar Wax70
Full Back Sugar Wax80
Full Bikini Sugar Wax90
Full Body Sugar Wax450
Full Front Sugar Wax90
Full Legs Sugar Wax90
Half Arms Sugar Wax45
Half Back Sugar Wax50
Half Legs Sugar Wax60
Hand Sugar Wax25
Inside Butt Sugar Wax30
Lower Back Sugar Wax50
Nipple Sugar Wax20
Stomach Line Sugar Wax30
Stomach Sugar Wax50
Toes Sugar Wax30
Under Arms Sugar Wax40
Upper Back Sugar Wax50